Gut by Giulia Enders – Book Review

I recently finished reading Gut by Giulia Enders and it was such an enjoyable read. Giulia Enders is a German writer and Scientist, specialising in gastroenterology. This is a subject which I always thought would be interesting but to be honest, I didn’t know a lot about it. The book exceeded my expectations and it opened my eyes to how vast this subject really is. This book is also so well written, with all the concepts being explained in a way that is easy to understand. Because of this I would recommend this book to people with and without scientific backgrounds. If your someone who doesn’t come from a science background but is interested in scientific reading or gut health this is a brilliant gateway book. I feel that Gut is a valuable read to anyone. Although this book is suitable for most people, I still didn’t find it over simplified. This is a subject which I don’t know much about and so I definitely learnt a lot reading this book.

I was particularly interested in the connection between the gut and mental health. This topic is mentioned a lot in the book, and I found myself wanting to note down every little thing she says. The link between our gut and our emotions is a topic I definitely want to learn more about and if I hadn’t read this book I wouldn’t of been introduced to it as a subject. Did you know that 95% of serotonin is actually manufactured in the gut?! That is crazy to me! Lots of researchers are now saying that the root to anxiety/ depression may originate in the gut, not the brain. There is still A LOT of research that needs to be done before solid conclusions can be made, but she references a lot of scientific papers which seem to be supporting this hypothesis to some extent.

If your interested in microbiology this book also talks a lot about specific types of bacteria and how they influence our gut.

I also love the illustrations in this book, and they’re drawn by her sister Jill enders which I thought was really cute. Giulia even shares an amazing sauerkraut recipe at the end of the book which I’m so excited to try out as sauerkraut is really good for you and your gut (you will find out why when you read this book :)). If you read this book you will also learn a lot of fun facts which are great conversation starters e.g. where does salmonella come from? Why do we have cravings? and How can we improve our gut health.

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