ACE the UCAT Course e-Book Review

I was recently sent the ACE the UCAT course e-book to review and now, having read it, I am able to give you guys my opinion. The e-book was created by a student who scored in the 99th percentile in 2018 (835 and band 1 in situational judgement). As soon as I found that out, I thought someone with a score that high must have unique and valuable tips worth sharing……I was right!

Pricing and General Info

The e-book is priced at £14.99 and I feel that for the amount of information given in the book this is a fair price. ACE the UCAT wants to make medicine more accessible while providing good quality and information packed products. Because of this they also have unlimited full bursaries available for students who have received free school meals, universal credit or entitlement to other bursaries. The world of medicine application courses can be tricky to navigate, with companies charging extortionate prices claiming that you must purchase their course in order to stand a chance of getting in. I feel that this e-book provides useful information at a reasonable price and has good measures in place to make sure that students who are unable to afford this book are still able to access it.

A snippet of the contents page. ACE the UCAT gives a holistic approach to UCAT preparation.

How it Will Help your UCAT Preparation

The ACE the UCAT course e-book helps you through the whole UCAT process. From how to approach practicing, tips for each section and even advice for test day itself. It sheds light on issues such as whether to practice questions timed or untimed and has a detailed section on how to use Medify. If you haven’t heard of it, Medify is arguably the biggest online UCAT resource and this book is intended for use alongside it.

It has detailed advice on each of the sections: verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning and situational judgement. In each section there is a section for ‘things to keep in mind’, I thought this was particularly useful as the UCAT is as much about strategy as it is about knowing how to do the questions.

Each section also has a breakdown of question type, this was especially useful in the decision making section as there are so many different types of questions. I remember struggling with this when I was studying for the UCAT. I found that all the other sections had clear cut ‘types of question’ whereas in decision making I couldn’t quite make out the different types.

I was also impressed with the ‘advice for guessing’ tips within the sections. Almost all UCAT resources will tell you to guess if you’re not sure about an answer but I haven’t seen many give tips on how to give an educated guess.

Situational judgement is the last section of the UCAT and although some people think this is the one to relax on, it is still important to get a good score as a band 1 in SJT can really make your application stand out. This e-book has advice for each type of SJT question which helps to de-mystify the ever confusing ‘which level of appropriateness’ does this action belong to.

Concluding Thoughts…

Overall, I would definitely recommend using the ACE the UCAT e-book alongside practice questions. I believe it would give you a sound understanding of every aspect of the UCAT, allowing you to succeed.

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